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Hypnosis is an altered, separate state of consciousness where you are not asleep nor are you awake, rather you are in a “trance” whilst in this trance state of mind a person is able to free his/her mind from the constraints of its five senses, and preconceptions.

Hypnotism can help people overcome many difficulties as listed below:

  • Sleep Disorders
  • Assist with Stress Management
  • Fight Fears and Phobias
  • Deal with Depression
  • Post traumatic anxiety
  • Grief and loss
  • Pain relief
  • Manage and Control Weight
  • Manage Addiction
  • Combat Allergies
  • Conquer Bad habits
  • Overcome sexual dysfunction
  • Cope with emotional Trauma
  • Relieve Anxiety
  • Overcome OCD
  • Facilitate Athlete Coaching

Hypnotherapy works with your subconscious mind, that is basically stuck in the past with regards to their behaviours, either learnt or instinctive, even if detrimental to your health and well-being.  If we work with the conscious mind to get messages to the subconscious we can make very positive changes, with careful suggestion, which will change the mind’s “old” process.  We could liken your mind to an old filing cabinet, full of everything that was ever learnt and everything that you were born with; the filing cabinet in some areas is old and dusty, full of the same old things it always has been, where we undertake the same things you always have done, even if you want to change, as it is easier or safer, so your mind perceives to do so. We then introduce a laptop full of different programmes for you to download and learn, which enables you to achieve and undertake all the things you never thought possible.  Hypnotherapy can help you achieve this in the same way by re-programming your mind in the areas that you previously thought you could not!


  • The sensation of trance could be described as a blissful, relaxing, dreamy like state where the person might state “I just felt different”
  • Hypnotherapy gives you an opportunity to make changes that last
  • Upon entering into hypnosis you bypass the conscious mind, which then enables access to the unconscious mind to be able to give new information and learning to the subconscious mind
  • The subconscious mind is the largest part of the mind containing what you might refer to as a “mental movie” of everything that has taken place in your life
  • Hypnosis is a very natural process which most of us experience every day, when we become absorbed in doing something, (watching TV, driving)
  • You are in control at all times while in hypnosis
  • Hypnosis does not involve mind control, sleep or unconsciousness
  • Nobody can be made to enter hypnosis against their will
  • All your senses are awake and alert while in hypnosis
  • You only do and say what you would normally say and do whilst in hypnosis
  • You can return to full consciousness anytime you wish to or feel the need to
  • Earliest references to hypnotherapy are found in Greece and Egypt and have been found in texts from Ancient China and in the Hindu Vedas.
  • Hypnotism was the first anaesthesia pre the introduction of medical anaesthesia, where patients were hypnotised pre acute medical procedures being undertaken. (Franz Anton Mezmer born in 1734)
  • Hypnosis is a technique with a combination of therapeutic treatment to achieve a therapeutic outcome – hypnotherapy
  • Dr M.D. Preston: “Hypnosis is not dangerous…. No one has ever died from being hypnotised. The same cannot be said about any other form of medicine. There is no modality less dangerous than hypnotism. No therapy is safer.”

Stress is tension.

Take away the tension and you take away the stress.

Stress is an old problem that has only recently been recognised as a basic, and sometimes major, factor in many physical and mental problems in our fast-paced lives.

As many as 60% of visits to doctors are attributed to stress problems.

Stress embraces every aspect of our being, especially the body and mind.  We will work with you to identify and manage stress factors. We offer a self-help approach, including learning and developing techniques to aid in the ongoing balance of life and stress removal.

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