Fibro-Friends Gosport Fareham Portsmouth

Fibro-Friends Gosport Fareham Portsmouth was established by myself Susan Davey 6 months ago; to date there are over 180 plus members in our private Facebook group: Fibro Friends Gosport Fareham Portsmouth.

We hold a monthly meeting in Gosport at the Gosport Borough Cricket Club, Privett Road, Gosport PO12 3SX. We will be holding groups both in Fareham and Gosport venues to be advised.

When I myself was diagnosed with the condition, I can remember feeling quite isolated and lonely; I was also pretty depressed and lived day by day with chronic pain, amongst other things. I never want anyone to feel as desperate as I did, not knowing where to turn, what to do for the best, trips to the doctors, numerous prescriptions for pain killers that never worked. Tablets unfortunately are the doctors only and first line of treatment that doctors have; there are however, so many more things that we can undertake to help ourselves.

Each group meeting I offer practical support to help you gain a more fulfilled, active and healthier lifestyle, helping you come to terms with your condition, whilst being able to speak to people who are experiencing the same things as you. Sometimes just talking about it actually helps a great deal, along with the realisation that you are not alone. We also have guest speakers, we have covered eye and skin health, gut health, mental health and relaxation to date.

I pick a topic -(symptom) each group meeting and discuss at length, giving all well informed facts, advice, practical self- help tips and generally how we can all start to improve our overall health and wellbeing.

All the therapies I practice – Hypnotherapy, stress management, nutrition, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness ,Reiki master teacher and Pilates Teacher I initially learnt to help myself with my own fibromyalgia, I have managed to turn my life around from being so ill and desperate to having my own business. I would really like to be able to do the same for you, so do come along, say hi, join the group and learn how you can start the journey to a healthier more energised lifestyle.

Big Launch Fibro-Friends Portsmouth

12th March 12.30-3.00 free support group with free refreshments, friends and family are also very welcome. I will be holding a free monthly group after the launch HIVE Portsmouth Guildhall Square Central Library Portsmouth PO1 2DX

 Chair Pilates and Mindfulness Meditation Classes

There is also a coffee meet up and mindful meditation class every Wednesday at Coffee1, Gosport PO12 1DR again a good time to meet others, have a chat, make new friends, then enjoy some beneficial Pilates and then relaxing meditation. Pilates is a very good gentle exercise to build strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. Mindful meditation working with our minds stress response, again beneficial for fibro as we live with a 24/7 stress response, at just £4 for the class. 

Contact: Susan Davey 07401885420 or email