Clinical Nutrition

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A little Known Fact

Most people who are malnourished will lose weight, but it is possible to be a healthy weight or even overweight and still be malnourished.

What is clinical nutrition – Clinical nutrition is the education between food and a healthy body; it is the study of nutrients and how they are absorbed, digested, transported and metabolised, stored and eliminated by the body. Looking at the consumption of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, and how they work within our bodies, which can lead to a healthy or unhealthy life!  The foods to avoid due to processing, and storage which eliminates and deplete essential nutrients, which in turn affects your overall health and well-being. Looking at a person’s overall diet to establish an adequate nutritional balance for good health.

Signs of Malnutrition:

  • Reduced Appetite
  • Lack of interest in food and drinks
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Feeling weaker
  • Getting ill often and taking a long time to recover
  • Wounds taking a long time to heal
  • Poor concentration
  • Feeling cold most of the time
  • Low mood or depression

Clinical nutrition has an important role to play in managing many health problems where a healthy balanced diet needs to be established, where adherence to diet requirements are essential. Many psychological issues may play a role – depression, stress, socioeconomic factors (being able to afford good nutritional food), along with perhaps decreased sensitivity to taste and smell due to illness or age which can all lead to malnutrition.

Stress is tension.

Take away the tension and you take away the stress.

Stress is an old problem that has only recently been recognised as a basic, and sometimes major, factor in many physical and mental problems in our fast-paced lives.

As many as 60% of visits to doctors are attributed to stress problems.

Stress embraces every aspect of our being, especially the body and mind.  We will work with you to identify and manage stress factors. We offer a self-help approach, including learning and developing techniques to aid in the ongoing balance of life and stress removal.

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