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A suite of tools for your total well-being


74% of people feel unable to cope and have feelings of being overwhelmed

1.9 million people aged 18 and over are overweight

15.4 million days were lost to work related stress, depression and anxiety

Sometimes people find themselves unable to cope, start showing feelings of stress which presents itself in many forms from feeling unattractive to developing eating disorders, to adopting harmful habits or perhaps showing negative behaviours. If left unaddressed this stress has the potential to trigger many physical and mental health issues.

As many as 75-90% of visits to doctors are attributed to stress problems.

Stress embraces every aspect of our being, especially the body and mind. I will work with you to identify and manage stress factors, helping you to develop techniques to aid you in the removal of stress and anxiety, that will stay with you throughout your life. We are all unique, with differing needs, when we have an upset within our body or mind we need to look at every aspect of our health from what we eat to how we relax and what we do to combat stress.

Certified with the British Institution of Occupational Safety and Health



I highly recommend the services of Simply Heart Brain Soul, Susan and the team delivered a very effective stress management package to myself and my colleagues tailoring treatment plans to the individual. I chose Simply Heart Brain Soul because they offered the complete package, analysis of needs along with a wide range of complimentary therapeutic treatments which deliver value for money.

Since myself and the team were involved in the workshops, I have seen a significant reduction in time lost through stress related absences, boost in team morale leading to an increase in productivity. Working with Susan and the team at Simply Heart Brain Soul has been a pleasure, they are so friendly and available to answer any queries you have quickly.”

Compliancy & Administration Manager

CDC – Cornwall Development Company

The workshops from Simply Brain Heart Soul that our teams attended resulted in tangible cohesion amongst our employees. Susan uses refreshing stress management aides and techniques in the sessions, that cause people to open up and freely reveal their workplace stressors. Susan’s one-on-one work with team members has proven to be an invaluable part of the service that Simply Brain Heart Soul provides.

Planning Manager (Global)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Our work with Susan bore great results with regards to the productivity of our teams. She brings invaluable experience and knowledge about business governance that will serve us well for years to come. The risk assessment suite that Susan produced for the entire business assures our good business practices for the foreseeable future.


iCater4U – London

Working with your health

The human body is the most ingenious assembly of purposeful components you will find on earth.

Beneath the skin and tissue, we find muscles, nerves, a circulatory system for the blood, which works with a pump called our heart, glands, vital organs, and that marvellous system of bones called the skeleton.

All of which can be damaged and affected by stress!

Working with your mind

The brain is the central organ of the nervous system. Everything that we do or consume affects our brains, which in turn affects our whole being.

The mind is a receptacle for everything we experience throughout our entire life.  Through learnt / instinctive behaviour we undertake the same mistakes.

The mind can be ‘re-programmed’ with careful suggestion and techniques. This helps us let go of mental and physical problems that hold us back from moving forward and achieving total well-being.

Working with your well-being

Your physical and mental wellbeing affects how you project yourself, which affects how others perceive and treat you. All of which can affect your personal and professional life.

Our bodies and minds can become ill with stress related issues.

We help you to find your energy and to learn mechanisms and techniques to change your condition. This allows you to become physically and mentally energised, and well.

A total well-being package for life.